Latest Projects by Sajeeb Punathi

  • Project | 01

    Digitization of Library resources

    This proposal outlines for setting a digital library at Calicut University College, a brief background of the college library is given, followed by the definition of digital library and its academic need and activities. Finally, the functional requirements to set up the servers and digital library lab with 300 computers are spelled out along with the approximate working cost for the project, including activity timeframe and staffing requirements.
  • Project | 02

    Data Center Migration​

    Data center migrations aren’t something most people do every day. Moving networks, servers, data and applications from one location to another tends to elicit a string of four-letter words.

    A successful data center migration requires plenty of careful planning to ensure cost efficiency and minimal downtime. If you're planning on implementing third-party data center and relocation services for your organization, it's important to consider all of the details of every aspect of the process – from selecting a data center provider to making sure your equipment will fit in the new space.